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Printing of corrugated paper

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  As far as corrugated printing is concerned, there is no special printing method. Convex printing, gravure printing and offset printing are the main printing methods.


  (Rou Yin)

  Beer box in the convex printing process, paper in corrugated shape before processing, first of all to flexography changed into print, and then together with the corrugated corrugated cores and a photo paper, a corrugated packaging materials. Corrugated paper, rotary printing or sheet printing, is made of resin material. How to smooth the use of water-based ink flexo printing production of corrugated paper regardless, can accurate high speed printing is a very effective means of printing. In addition, flexo printing ink opacity is good, can be used in the production of corrugated paper used in kraft paper on a bright color printing.

  In the process the use of the resin relief in the essential cleaning process is the use of organic solvents, and later from the seihan process began to use some consideration of environmental coordination in the plate, such as washing can be used only by the plate; the heat can be developed using plate; UV curing liquid photosensitive material (liquid recovery not sensitive reuse) plate, all joined the environment coordination printing mode. However, in Japan, flexo printing high net number of technology has not made much progress, the store to see more flexo products for the 80 cable products. In Europe and the United States, especially in Europe, the printing of corrugated materials to flexo printing as the mainstream, 100~140 lines of flexo printing products can be seen. The high wire number of flexo printing reasons in Europe can be said to be vigorously with environmental coordination process dictates, while Japan for printing reproduction of high precision, fine printing is achieved by the offset and gravure printing, is the so-called no grainy photo reproduction (175Lpi) consciousness strongly play a role in the results.


  Although the same as the way of "gravure gravure" grarure, but the paper gravure printing machine with flexible packaging gravure printing machine, need to transfer, by applying pressure to the printing ink and printing plate cylinder and the impression cylinder is big and heavy, is a product for mass printing method. Since gravure printing is a printing process different from flexo printing, the printing paper must have a good smoothness. Ink coated large amount of gravure printing, expressive force, and offset printing and flexo printing, is a kind of printing in depth evaluation of high printing. In order to correspond with the environmental countermeasures to limit VOC emission, the water gravure printing should be considered in the future.


  Offset printing is called offset printing. Speaking of corrugated offset printing, in the past the process is generally, first in the cardboard and so on for offset printing, and then with a single corrugated paper. In 2000, due to the widespread use of G corrugated, thin G corrugated paper can be directly printed on offset press. The direct offset printing process and printing process on the cardboard and then fit the single-sided corrugated can reduce process, so theoretically has advantages in delivery and cost, but also the advantage of G type corrugated can be directly offset, it can decrease the amount of paper. The reduction of energy consumption during production becomes a reduction in cost and a decrease in CO2 emissions; a reduction in transportation energy consumption is associated with a decrease in transportation costs and a decrease in CO2 emissions. For example, digital cameras and other products using air transport occasions more, assuming that shipped to New York, packaging reduced 10g, air phase can reduce the CO2 emissions of 152.9g. G and other very thin micro corrugated packaging, high strength, thickness and thin, the volume is not large, and printed beautifully. As a kind of packaging in line with environmental coordination, it will be more noticeable in the future.