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Use of corrugated paper

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  A corrugated and B corrugated are generally used as transport outer packing boxes, and beer cases are usually made of B corrugated. E used to have a single corrugated packing box must be put in the proper weight and aesthetic requirements of the contents of the F type and G type corrugated corrugated corrugated is called, a thin corrugated, used as a disposable packaging container hamburgers, cream cakes and other food, or used as a digital camera, portable audio products and micro power combination refrigerated goods packaging.


  Corrugated paperboard began in the late eighteenth Century and early nineteenth Century. Because of its light weight, cheap price, wide use, simple manufacture, recycling and even reuse, it has made remarkable progress in its application. By the beginning of twentieth Century, it had been widely popularized, popularized and applied for various kinds of commodity making and packing. The use of corrugated cardboard containers has unique properties and advantages in beautifying and protecting the built-in goods. Therefore, it has been a great success in the competition with a variety of packaging materials. It has become one of the main materials used in the manufacture of packaging containers.

  Corrugated paperboard is made of adhesive paper, paper, core paper and corrugated corrugated paper. According to the demand of commodity packaging, corrugated paperboard can be processed into single-sided corrugated paperboard, three ply corrugated paperboard, five ply, seven ply and eleven ply corrugated paperboard (Figure 1, figure two and figure three). Single-sided corrugated cardboard is commonly used as a protective layer or lining plate and light production kage to protect the goods in transit storage in shock or collision paste packaging, three layer and five layer corrugated board is commonly used in the production of corrugated carton. Many goods packaging simple and exquisite packaging by three or five layers of corrugated cardboard, printing beautiful and colorful graphics and images on the surface of corrugated boxes and corrugated boxes, which not only protects the internal goods, and publicity and beautify the inner product. Many of the three or five layers of corrugated cardboard or corrugated box corrugated box has the stately directly on the sales counter, a sales package. Seven or eleven ply corrugated cardboard, mainly for mechanical and electrical, flue-cured tobacco, furniture, motorcycles, large appliances, such as the production of packaging boxes. In particular goods, the inner and outer cases can be made of the corrugated cardboard, which is convenient for making, and is convenient for goods to be dressed, stored and transported. With the needs of environmental protection and the requirements of relevant national policies, the packaging of goods made of corrugated cardboard has gradually taken the place of wooden box packaging.


  Corrugated boxes are made of corrugated cardboard and are the most widely used paper containers. They are widely used in transportation and packaging. Corrugated box is widely used because it has many unique advantages: good cushioning performance. Light and firm. The shape is small. Sufficient material and low cost. Easy to automate production. The packaging operation cost is low. We can package a variety of items. The small amount of metal. - good printing performance. The Recyclable multiplexing.

  Composite board

  Corrugated composite board is after the United States and Europe to launch the honeycomb cardboard is the rise of a new material to save resources and protect the ecological environment, relatively low cost, is China from a new generation of high-tech achievements of the whole automatic production line equipment manufactured goods to have complete intellectual property rights. The manufactured goods of light weight, high strength, no deformation, good rigidity, strong buffer performance, sound insulation, good heat insulation effect, after appropriate treatment can be flame retardant, moisture-proof, waterproof and requirements for raw materials than honeycomb paperboard is low, recycling of waste paper, old corrugated carton for the production of raw materials, the raw material source is wide and sufficient. After the use of manufactured goods, it can be recycled and recycled. It meets the environmental protection requirements of recycling of resources, and has a very wide range of application prospects. Corrugated composite board can be made into all kinds of precision instruments, electrical equipment, household appliances, ceramic packing, gasket, tray, also can be made into a variety of air cushion, turnover box; can be made of lightweight partition, insulation board, insulation board, furniture and sand table can also export disposable disposable cremation production at present the rising with aseptic paper coffin in the building materials using corrugated composite board.