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  Jiaozuo Chongyi Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Chongyi Industrial Zone of Qinyang City Henan Province in China, which established in 1958 and formed into a joint-stock company by modern enterprise system in 2001. The company registered capital is 80,000,000 RMB, which is a large-scale paper machinery industry enterprise, combining scientific research, design, manufacturing and marketing services.

  The company has about 672 employees, among these employees 158 person have technical personnel titles, 25 person own senior professional and technical personnel titles, and totally area is 250,000 m2. The company has 1 Provincial enterprise technology center, 1 provincial engineering technology research center, 2 physical and chemical analysis laboratories, 8 manufacturing shops, and all kinds of large-scale CNC machining equipment and processing center more than 50 sets, covering the scientific

  research design, manufacture, testing, assembly and debugging etc. The manufacture mill has the international advanced intermediate frequency electric furnace smelting, 3 casting resin sand molding lines, and the qualification to manufacturing and designing one, second class pressurevessel.

  The company main products have tissue machine (use to producinghigh grade tissue, napkin, facial tissue, etc); writing and printing papermachine (use to producing printing paper, carbonless copy paper etc); high strength corrugated/kraft paper machine (use to producing all kinds of packaging paper); high speed under-feed rewinder, 5 pcs/set cast iron alloy dryer cylinder.

  In 2012, the company order amount breaks 280 million RMB, all economic indicators grow steady and with a good running order. The company has evaluated “AA+”credit by CCB bank in successive years, and the comprehensive strength rank raise in the top of China paper-making machinery industry.

  In order to improve the independent innovation capacity, promote the company become the top of papermaking machinery industry, build university-industry cooperation technology system, the company is depends on abundant technical research and manufacturing strength,make technology communication with Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Zhengzhou University, Shanxi University of Science and Technology, China Light Industry Machinery Association at the same time who cooperation to build technology research and manufacturing base.

  In recent years, the company has successfully developed the domestic leading level products, for example, “4800/650 orrugated paper machine”,” 3600/1200 crescent tissue machine”,” 2800/600 fourdrinier tissue machine”,” 3350/1200 writing & printing paper machine”,”ASME international standard new-type 0.8Mpa grooved cast iron alloy dryer cylinder used for paper machine ” and “Safety boost energy & High speed paper machine dryer section in paper machine” etc.